Obtained from olives Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Bianchera, Busa 0,25 l, 0,5 l bottles


blend, whose label is inspired by a selection of varieties grown in our
olive grove and by the terroir: the red soil of Istria, and the sea. A
welcoming, fresh, medium-intensity, green, fruity aroma with just a hint of
almond; an ensemble of apple, and green banana, accompanied by a
sprinkling of aromatic herbs. The initial slight sweet flavour gives way to
vibrant, harmonious, and enveloping bitter and spicy vibrations, in which
memories of thistle and chili emerge.


Skillfully blended with an elegant and delicate aromatic fragrance, suited
to emphasize the quality of both cooked and raw food.
It enhances the intrinsic peculiarities of each dish. Ideal for enhancing
creativity in the kitchen.




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