Our company was founded on Istrian land – where an impetuous heart beats within the fiery red earth

As impetuous as the Adriatic sea, meeting the coastline between the bays of Daila and Punta Salvore. It is here that the history of the olive has marked the territory since ancient Roman times.


Thanks also to Mate Vekić, in recent times there has been a renewed rise in olive farming, following a prolonged period of inactivity due to severe frosts as well as dramatic historical events. At the end of the last century, Mate Vekić planted 25.000 olive trees – thus laying the foundations for the future of our company.


It was his love for the land, combined with his unique temperament, that led Mate Vekić at the age of 75, to turn his expertise to agriculture. A love originating in Tuscany, where Mate lived for a number of years and which defined him deeply and determined his future. Fascinated by the culture and richness of the olive plant in all of its different guises, Mate decided to create an olive orchard in his beloved Istria, planting varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino – being the only varieties available in large quantities at that time. More recently, given the significant recovery of areas dedicated to olive cultivation, Mate turned his attention to ancient native varieties such as Busa (Buža), Bianchera (Istarska Bjelica) and Carbonazza (Karbonaca).


At our company in Zambratija, our philosophy is based on a deep respect towards nature and the environment. We consciously strive to obtain a perfect balance between the requirements of the plants and the potential of the terrain in order to produce only the highest quality olive oil.


Our mill is equipped with the most technically advanced machinery allowing the quality of the oil obtained from the plants and extracted from the olives to remain unaltered. The olives that are hand-picked during the day will have been turned into oil by evening.

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