organic extra virgin olive oil

Mate Oil, the most eloquent and pure expression of what is natural, beholds a supreme excellence and the age old culture of oil, obtained only by the pressing of lovingly hand-picked olives.

still life bianca bellezza

bianca bellezza

obtained from Bianchera olives

0,25 l
still life trasparenza marina

trasparenza marina

obtained from Leccino and
Pendolino olives

0,25 l e 0,5 l and
magnum 1,5 l
still life timbro istriano

timbro istriano

obtained from Frantoio olives

0,25 l and
0,5 l
still life blend


Obtained from olives Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Bianchera, Busa

0,25 l, 0,5 l

Our trees are tended to by experienced olive growers and cultivators using traditional methods alongside modern technology. Mate Oil is founded on a realistic concept using simple and well-balanced principles that are very much in tune with the times. The favourable climatic and environmental conditions as well as the proximity of the orchards to the sea, give life to a unique product that is marked by its originality and history and one that boasts rich aromas and flavours bestowed to it by the Istrian territory.

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